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Web 2.0

After the bursting of the dot-com bubble in the fall of 2001, people were starting to wonder if the web was an overhyped short-lived phenomenon that was set to decline. This stimulated discussion and reactions.

Dale Dougherty, a O'Reilly Media VP, noted that far from having "crashed", the web was more important than ever and noted that the companies that had survived the collapse seemed to have some things in common.

O'Reilly and Dougherty asked themselves wheter the dot-com collapse had marked some kind of turning point for the web, so they introduced the term Web 2.0 and the first Web 2.0 Conference in late 2004 took place.

Below is a schematic representation of O'Reilly's and Dougherty's initial brainstorming formulating what Web 2.0 was about:

Web 1.0 --> Web 2.0
DoubleClick --> Google AdSense
Ofoto --> Flickr
Akamai --> BitTorrent
mp3.com --> Napster
Britannica Online --> Wikipedia
personal websites --> blogging
evite --> upcoming.org and EVDB
domain name speculation --> search engine optimization
page views --> cost per click
screen scraping --> web services
publishing --> participation
content management systems --> wikis
directories (taxonomy) --> tagging ("folksonomy")
stickiness --> syndication