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Web Development

Open Source (1998) and Linux (1991)

The web wasn't created for commercial reasons, and it developed also with the help from some type of another of open source.
An example is the release in 1991 under the GNU license as of Linux, the software that virtually every web hosts uses and supports.

But it wasn't until 1998, that at the Tim O’Reilly’s “Freeware Summit” the term “open source” was introduced and the Open Source Initiative was initiated.

Open source now powers much of web development. WordPress, Firefox, PHP and Linux are just the main examples in web development and browsing.

PHP (1995)

In 1996, when GoLive 1.0 was released, PHP had been around for only a year, but only in April of 1996 PHP evolved from a suite of tools into a programming language in its own right, as Rasmus Lerdorf introduced PHP/FI, the second-generation implementation of PHP.

ASP (1996)

ASP Version 1 was distributed with the Microsoft IIS 3.0, in December 1996.